Welcome to the ASF PEAR Channels. Projects are welcome to release PEAR packages here.

For more information contact

Projects that have PEAR channels currently:



This page is re-generated once a day

This is the official downloads area for PEAR packages for any ASF projects listed above. They will almost certainly have other download versions available by checking out their websites (at $

Projects wishing to have their own PEAR packages listed should :

  1. Create your own PEAR package as part of your release process.
  2. Upload it into your own svn at a suitable location such as ...repos/asf/$yourproject/releases/pear/
  3. Inform the Infra Team you wish to start releasing PEAR packages, providing the svn location above
  4. That is it, we will do the rest. Any future releases to the svn location will auto-update here.

For more information on PEAR visit